Groundwater Monitoring in Qatar

Project description

For a comprehensive long-term monitoring of the groundwater situation in 800 groundwater wells in the greater Doha / Qatar area, the entire equipment was produced and supplied by HT Hydrotechnik. The monitoring includes measuring water level, temperature and electrical conductivity. The measured values are transmitted via GPRS data transmission directly to a web server and are ready for visualization.

Due to the local, individual requirements of the project, the focus was particularly on a convincing quality of the equipment to survive the enormous external influences without damages even in the long-term use. In the summer months, a continuous daytime temperature of over 40°C can be assumed, sometimes 50°C can be achieved. Due to the intensive and all-day sunshine, a much higher temperature of up to approx. 75- 80°C can be expected in the overground area of ​​the groundwater wells.

In addition to the high temperatures, it was necessary to consider partially a very high salt content of up to 180,000 μS/cm. Conventional measuring probes made of stainless steel can not permanently withstand these requirements, corrosion would occur. Therefore, about 200 groundwater wells were equipped with a measuring probe made of titanium to permanently withstand the high salt content.

Among the equipped 800 groundwater wells are also multiple wells for monitoring the groundwater in different aquifers. In order to operate an efficient monitoring several measuring probes were connected at the same time to one GPRS Datalogger for the multiple measuring points.

The devices were fully produced from February to August 2017 and delivered in 3 lots, the commissioning and device installation took place step by step according to the deliveries.

Used devices