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The Telemetrylogger type 255U is made of a robust and waterproof aluminum housing. The device can also be used outdoors and without other protective housings, for example in a well house, to measure spring discharges, for surface water applications by connecting different types of sensors, for the data acquisition of precipitation sensors and many others.

Your application, in particular connected sensors, individually required data formats or the selection of the power supply, be it battery operation, with solar support or mains supply, we specify the device exactly to your requirement. You get a fully operational device that fits your needs perfectly. This logic extends through to the operating program. You won't have long and complicated menu structures where you need to engage yourself with technical features what you do not really want. The operating program recognizes the requirements and sensors, you only configure what you really need.

Integrated is a universally applicable analogue input channel, which is ready for use to the requirements for sensors with 0/4 ... 20 mA output, voltage output 0 ... 1/10 volt or as a pulse counter. In addition, an input channel is provided for the connection of up to 4 HT sensors, which are addressed via the integrated modbus protocol.
Via an additional contact connection, alarm messages can be issued via SMS / eMail. This can, for example, monitor a door contact or similar.

Also, the Telemetrylogger type 255U can be equipped with a comprehensive alarm message management, alarm messages can be issued universally and according to your requirements.

Technical Data

General Data


Anodized aluminum

Length x Wigth x Height

190 x 100 x 53 mm


non-volatile flash memory for approx. 190,000 data sets (depending on parameter);

Measuring interval

Adjustable: 1 minute to 99 days / Optional: from 1 second

Accuracy clock

High-precision real-time clock RTC, autom. adjustment after each data transmission

Connection Sensors

1 Input channel RS485

for up to 4 HT sensors via integrated bus

1 analog input, usable as:

0...20 mA / 4...20 mA

0...1 Volt / 0....10 Volt

1 Counter

Pulse counter, max. 10 kHz for flow measurement / precipitation and others

1 Alarm contact

as an alarm, for example usable as door contact

Data Transmission

Cellular network

2G / 3G / 4G

Transmission protocol

Standard: FTP, selectable with SSL- encryption (FTPS);

File format

HT Standard; Excel; ZRXP; MIS; CSV and many more

Alarm Management

• 2 limit values can be defined for each parameter

• Possibility to autom. switching of measuring and transmission interval

• Low battery warning

• Warning message via SMS / eMail and status on web server

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature

-25°C to +70 °C

Protection class

IP 67


  • Robust and waterproof aluminum housing
  • Cost-effective data transmission via GPRS technology
  • Easy and safe operation of different sensors
  • Universal combination of sensors, depending on your requirements
  • Non-volatile flash memory for up to approx. 190,000 records
  • Extremely energy-efficient; realize battery operation even for complex requirements
  • Integrated alarm function when definable limit values are exceeded
  • Low battery warning (when battery supply is selected)
  • Warning message on unclosed contacts (monitoring door contact)
  • Power supply with additional backup supply possible with increased data transmission (hourly or more often)


  • Level measurement and remote transmission with HT sensors and / or with a third-party sensor, such as float encoder, bubbler sensor, ultrasonic- or radar sensor
  • Connection of Water Meters and Flow Meters to determine the flow rate, in addition also with HT probe for water level / quality measurement including remote transmission in autonomous battery operation
  • Connection of precipitation sensors / rain gauges
  • Connection of external sensors for water quality measurement
  • Monitoring of door contacts in well houses or access monitored areas with alarm messages via SMS / eMail