Data collection and support

As a manufacturer of state-of-the-art measuring equipment, we also undertake the entire data collection and recording as a service and provide you with checked measurements periodically and reliably.

We carry out periodic inspections of your measuring sites, check the device functionality and report unusual events. In the design of a data transfer and data backup, we orientate ourselves to your individual requirements or gladly advise you regarding the operation of a measuring network.

In times of staff shortages, do not worry anymore about details, but use your time to analyze and evaluate the measured data! When collecting data, we always rely on modern and reliable measuring technology and draw on our experience, which results from the decades of continuous development of our products and the daily handling of groundwater data.

  • You do not buy equipment, but measurement data
  • Do not care about innovations in measuring instrumentation, but about the groundwater
  • You have no incalculable costs, but receive the measured data at a fixed price