The Datalogger type 570-II artesian will be fastened by screwing the top piece into the artesian head of the groundwater well. The top piece which has a 1-inch connection thread is water- and pressure-tight. The water level is measured by a pressure sensor according to the relative pressure method, the barometric pressure fluctuation is automatically compensated. The interface for PC- connection of the top piece is protected against unauthorized opening, environmental influences and vandalism.

This Datalogger 570-II is especially suitable for water level and temperature measurements in artesian groundwater production and monitoring wells. The type 570-LTC version can measure the water level and the temperature as well as the electrical conductivity.The very robust construction made of high-quality stainless steel, precise sensor technology and not least the solid HT Datalogger technology guarantees the long-term monitoring success.

Technical Data

Water Level

Measuring range

selectable up to max. 300m water column


Standard: 1 cm / Option: 1 mm


< 0.05% of selected measuring range


Measuring range

-5°C to +50 °C / Option: -5°C to +70°C



Other data


Flash memory 4MB, non-volatile, for min. 338,600 records

Measuring interval

Adjustable: 1 minute to 99 days / Optional: from 1 second, up to 10 intervals preselectable

Length of cable

individually selectable up to max. 500 m

User interface

RS 232; can be addressed via serial and USB interface

Dimensions Probe

Ø22mm x 175mm

Dimensions converter unit

Ø50mm x 110mm

Operating temperature

-30°C to +70°C / probe in ice-free area

Connection thread

G 1 inch / Whitworth thread

Power supply

Integrated lithium battery / sufficient for 10 years and 3,000,000 measurements; exchangeable at the factory

Accessory: Artesian Well Head

The Artesian Well Head is screwed on the connection thread directly on top of the groundwater observation well. The integrated ventilation unit ensures safe closing with rising water level and ventilation of the observation well at decreasing water level to avoid the creation of negative pressure or compressible air pockets. In addition, a lockable opening is provided for check measurements by a Water Level Meter or optionally with connection piece for the installation of a manometer. The Artesian Well Head with an HT well cap is securely closed.

Available sizes: 4 inch/ 4½ inch / 5 inch / 6 inch


  • Power supply for 10 years of operation with 3,000,000 measurements
  • Barometric fluctuation is already compensated automatically
  • Maintenance-free, no desiccant required
  • Screw connection for 1 inch Whitworth thread
  • Usual easy installation and operation
  • Minimal installation effort
  • High vandalism protection due to very robust construction


  • Specially designed for measuring and recording water level and temperature in artesian groundwater wells
  • The Artesian Well Head accessory ensures that the water level in the well is reliably and accurately measured, even when changing from artesian to non- artesian condition
  • In the version type 570-LTC also available with additional conductivity measurement