The securing and closing of complex and costly groundwater observation wells are part of the standard configuration of each site. It must be easy to open even in winter for check measurements samples. HT's well cap is made of a particularly tough aluminum casting alloy. A special surface treatment and plastic coating ensures optimum weather resistance.

HT's well caps for safe closing of groundwater observation wells have a suitable recess in the standard version for later installation of a measuring device such as a HT Datalogger.

We manufacture all well caps in our production site ourselves in order to ensure a consistently high quality.

Available sizes

With Whitworth Thread: 1¼, 1½, 2, 3, 4, 4½, 5, 6 inch
With trapezoidal thread / 6mm pitch: 4½, 5, 6 inch


  • Smooth plastic coating, so that a freezing in winter is almost impossible
  • Already as standard prefabricated recess for the secure mounting of a HT Datalogger
  • Optional with 5- edge safety lock and / or device for padlock

Optional accessories

  • 5- edge security lock
  • Device for padlock
  • Waterproof inserts suitable against the entry of surface water