Automation of groundwater observation wells

Project description

Already in the year 2012 HT Hydrotechnik got the order for ready-to-use equipment and automatic data recording / data transmission of 456 groundwater obsevation wells from the Regional Council in Karlsruhe / Germany.

The project included the ready-to-use equipment and device installation of all commissioned groundwater observation wells with independent specification of the device parameters. Initially, HT conducted a preliminary investigation of all groundwater wells by using provided coordinates to record local GSM signal strengths, to determine the level Ø for retrofitting new Well Caps and to document the individual installation situation in order to proceed swiftly with a subsequent device installation.

Between the commissioning in May 2012 and the ready installation in October 2012, the equipment was produced, some special constructions for a secure device mounting and closing of the wells were required. In addition, a powerful software tool has been developed which handles data provisioning for the database as well as device monitoring.

All equipment was installed in October 2012 by HT and put into operation with replacement of the Well Caps. In addition, the server from the Regional Council, which was provided for data management, was put into operation.
Since the project handover, we are in close contact with the client for maintenance, support or extension / modification of the measurement network.

Used devices