The Water Level Meter Type 120 - LTC is the ideal instrument for measuring conductivity and temperature profiles and determining the water level in groundwater wells and surface water. Due to its high-quality workmanship for demanding use, this device offers extreme robustness, maximum ease of use and precise measured values. On water contact, an acoustic signal sounds as well as an optical signal via LED.

Due to the small probe diameter of 20mm it is possible to conduct conductivity measurements in wells from 1 inch. The built-in display with backlight enables a good reading even in unfavorable light conditions.

Technical Data

Length of tape

15 - 100 m / Triangle frame: 120 - 500 m

Power supply

4 x 1,5 Volt Alkaline; Size: C

Operating temperature range

-30°C to +75°C

Measuring range




-1°C to +70°C

0 ... 200,000 µS/cm





< 0.1 °C

< 0.5 % of current value, min. 2 µS/cm;


Ø 20 mm; Length: 225 mm, made from high class stainless steel

Measuring tape

  • Bifilar strip made of white polyethylene with 2 stainless steel wires
  • UV-resistant and resistant to contaminated water and salt water
  • Meter imprint in red, cm graduation and dm-numbering in black


Protection bag (adapted to the respective measuring tape length)

Available as an accessory for both versions


  • Optical and acoustic signal on water contact
  • Power supply via exchangeable batteries
  • Automatic temperature compensation of the measured conductivity values to 25°C
  • LCD display for temperature, conductivity and menu navigation
  • Compact design of the probe - Ø 20 x 225mm
  • Variable cable lengths from 15 to 500 m available
  • Robust design on proven support frame with integrated electronics


  • Determination or indirect estimation of water exchange rates
  • Detection of saltwater intrusion into the aquifer
  • Determination of foreign inflow into the groundwater
  • Continuous level, temperature and conductivity measurement during pumping tests or periodic check measurements
  • Temperature and conductivity profiling
  • For remediation of contaminated sites and imminent contamination