The Depth Indicator type 150 is used for easy depth sounding of the bottom of groundwater wells and boreholes. This rugged device which requires no electronic components is also used for drilling progress measurements.

The operation is quite simple. The probe- weight will be lowered down into the borehole. By reaching the bottom, the user realizes a significant weight reduction. The depth can be read from the markings of the wire.

Technical Data

Measuring wire

  • Galvanized steel wire ∅ 2 mm
  • Special version with stainless steel wire
  • Embossed consecutive numbering on brass body, selectable each 1m or 5m

Measuring range

The following measuring wire lengths are available as standard equipment:
50 m / 100 m / 150 m / 200 m / 250 m / 300 m / 500 m / 750 m / 1000 m; Special lengths on request.

Sounding weight

  • Stainless Ø 34 mm length 130 mm, up to 200 m measuring wire length
  • Stainless Ø 34 mm length 170 mm, from 200 m measuring wire length


  • Exploration of the ground in groundwater wells, boreholes and observation wells
  • To check the hole depth after completion of the drilling
  • Reactivation of old groundwater observation wells and thus necessary new documentation
  • For drilling progress measurements and filter gravel packs
  • Measuring of the ground in stagnant waters, such as lakes