Groundwater monitoring in East Africa

Project description

In 2016, the contract was awarded to HT Hydrotechnik for the supply of 83 groundwater measuring stations and 18 Water Level Meters with additional temperature measurement. Deliveries were made to 9 African countries participating in the IGAD-HYCOS project under the direction of the World Meteorological Organization - WMO.

The groundwater monitoring stations can measure, record and transmit by cellular network the water level, temperature, conductivity, pH and dissolved oxygen. The recorded data are subject to a daily data transmission to a regional server in Nairobi via the GPRS network. The groundwater monitoring stations should enable the participating countries to build-up an efficient and sustainable management of the existing groundwater resources.

In addition to the delivery, HT Hydrotechnik also took over an extensive training program in the respective countries, which included the gradual development of a continuous monitoring, an intensive equipment training and the accompaniment during the device installation.

After official project completion, WMO withdrew from the operative business. HT Hydrotechnik takes over the direct support with the respective countries and is jointly responsible for the continuance of the monitoring.

Used devices