The Datalogger Type 575-LTC is a compact instrument for measuring and recording water level, temperature and electrical conductivity. The conductivity can optionally also be used to derive the salinity. Additionally, to the well-proven reference pressure cell, a high-precision and insensitive conductivity sensor is used which, in addition to precise measured values, guarantees long-term stability. A recalibration of the conductivity sensor is, if at all, usually required only after many years of use.

Also provided with a large non-volatile memory for min. 253,000 records make the device ideal for pumping tests or tracer measurements. The integrated battery is designed for the unique lifetime of at least 10 years of operation with 3 million measurements before replacing it at the factory.

Technical Data

Water Level

Measuring range

selectable up to max. 300m water column


Standard: 1 cm / Option: 1 mm


< 0.05% of selected measuring range


Measuring range

-5°C to +50 °C / Option: -5°C to +70°C


< 0.1°C


Measuring range

0 ... 200,000 µS/cm


< 0.5 % of current value, min. 2 µS/cm;

Salinity / TDS

in ppm / calculation from conductivity values

Device data


Flash memory 4MB, non-volatile, for min. 253,000 records

Measuring interval

Adjustable: 1 minute to 99 days / Optional: from 1 second, up to 10 intervals preselectable

Length of cable

individually selectable up to max. 500 m

User interface

RS 232; can be addressed via serial and USB interface

Dimensions Probe

Ø22mm x 315mm

Dimensions converter unit

Ø24mm x 140mm

Operating temperature

-30°C to +70°C / probe in ice-free area

File format

User selectable; ASCII; Excel; ZRXP; MIS; Labdüs and many more
Individual formats configurable by adapting from our software department;


  • Maintenance free - no desiccant / dry cartridges required
  • Compact design with Ø 22mm for installation in pipes from 1-inch
  • High-precise and long-term stable 4-pole conductivity sensor
  • Conductivity sensor stable over years, no re-calibration necessary
  • Check measurements by a Water Level Meter are possible without conversion or removal from 2-inch wells
  • Power supply for 10 years operation and 3,000,000 measurements
  • Made of high class stainless steel, for high corrosion protection


  • Measurement and monitoring of saltwater intrusion
  • Measure and record water level, temperature and conductivity during pumping tests
  • Well monitoring
  • Level and quality measurement of surface waters
  • Tracer measurements
  • For remediation of contaminated sites
  • Monitoring of landfills