HT Analytics - redesign with more power

Our popular cloud solution for data management and remote device control has a revised appearance and has been completely redesigned using the latest programming techniques. We have attached great importance to continued intuitive usability and data security according to the latest standards. Find out more here.

Datalogger for water quality measurement 575-MP1

As a new model in the 575- product family, we introduce the 575-MP1. The basic design of this new data logger consists of a generous, non-volatile flash memory and an integrated battery in the sensor body for a long-term use of at least 10 years with 3 million measurements.

Added to this model is in addition to the water level, temperature and conductivity measurement, the pH measurement, optionally the ORP can provided as additional parameter. More information.

Multiparameter probe with LTE Telemetrylogger / battery-powered

The 550MP-VI Multiparameter Probe is designed for robust long-term use to measure water level, temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen and optionally ORP. The durable and low-maintenance sensors are ideal for long-term monitoring in groundwater as well as in surface water.

Thanks to the connected LTE Telemetrylogger, you can achieve outstanding battery life of more than 1 year with daily remote data transmission and hourly measurements, and this by using 3 standard commercial alkaline batteries. More information.