The Hydrocloud for your water data and device management

The web application HT Analytics allows quick access to your water data from any PC with an Internet connection, without installing any software application on your computer. With your browser, you can access password-protected measurement data that HT's Telemetry Dataloggers have transferred to the server. Measurement data are available to you directly as a download e.g. in Excel format according to selectable time scales.

HT Analytics distinguishes user rights, so you can easily exchange measurement data on the Internet with colleagues or workgroups by passing on a password with reading- rights, but without giving access to the Logging equipment or any settings. Only via a so-called master password, measurement intervals or transmission times of the HT Telemetry Dataloggers can be changed.

The safety of your measured and recorded data is very important for us!
HT Analytics is run as a standard application on a webserver, HT takes over the operation and supply of measured and transmitted data. By using this service, you don't need to take care about updates or server hosting.


  • Updates and server hosting included
  • Dynamic chart tool for detailed analysis of your data
  • Device control directly via the browser with access protection
  • Adapted to all popular browsers
  • Easy data exchange between colleagues or working groups
  • You have access to your hydrological data 24/7 in the office, at home or on the way


  • For easy and quick exchange of the latest measurements
  • Remote control of Telemetry Dataloggers
  • Simple visualization of your hydrological data
  • Archiving of your measurements
  • Access to your hydrological data from everywhere